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About Us

Welcome to Compass Tourism

“We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and
the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

And we intend to be that friend. Establishes in 2011, Compass tourism is an Ahmedabad based Destination Management Company handling all the travel related services for Gujarat. We are authorized travel agent from Gujarat tourism and have a rich and varied experience in receiving and entertaining guests from all walks of life and all corner of the world. The company has seen exceptional growth in the past years owing to the quality in services and commitment and also to the overall growth of the Gujarat as a global destination It gives us great pleasure to share that we are not just any travel company, but we are a team of strong willed individual who share a strong sense of love for travelling. And fortunately we are based in a location where life is all about enjoying different colours.

Gujarat is an emerging commercial hub with all kinds of businesses thriving in each corner. Ideally located on the western part of the India, it has pristine and untouched beaches, rare wildlife destinations, exceptional ecosystems and a vast spread history of culture, art, religion, textile, architecture and heritage surrounding the lives of the people around it, and we aim to explore and present the most amazing tour packages for you covering all these tourism aspects. We cater to more than 3000 independent travellers ranging from all parts of the world with several travel needs and have an equally strong group travellers.

The company is Tour Operator for Gujarat based on the concept of transparency, honesty and great service. One of our aim is to constantly explore the destination and present to you a new picture that would always leave you wanting more and would entice you to come again and again to receive more and more. We have a reputation for designing some of the most offbeat itineraries for special interest groups

We offer all kinds of travel related service and some of them being

  • – Customised tour packages
  • – Group tours
  • – Hotel bookings
  • – Transportation services
  • – Escort/ guide services
  • – Event planning
  • – Travel insurance
  • – Industrial visits
  • – Group events

The key holder in Compass tourism are constantly engaged with several social cause helping humanity in several ways by engaging its visitors and staff in social
activities involving women, children, stray animals and communities all together.